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Will Contests

Representation In Will Contests And Inheritance Disputes

It is impossible to avoid disputes in every probate case. Family members might challenge a will’s validity or argue that they were in fact entitled to certain assets of a decedent’s estate.

Located in Queens and serving the surrounding areas, the attorneys at Joseph N. Yamaner and Associates have been involved in many estate-related disputes, including will contests and inheritance disputes. We know how to reach agreements without spending significant costs on litigation. The entire firm works tirelessly to ensure families reach amicable resolutions that abide by a person’s true final wishes.

Why Contest A Will?

Wills are contested for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • The existence of a second will that may trump the one being probated
  • Allegations of undue influence on the will’s creator at the time of creation or signing
  • Accusations that the will being probated is forged or otherwise falsified
  • Questions arise about the testamentary capacity of the creator
  • The provisions of the will, including how assets are distributed

Whether you are taking action on behalf of an estate and a will or you are defending against a will contest action, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. These cases can get quite contentious and often involve a lot of emotions, as family members may be facing off against each other.

Having a lawyer at the firm on your side can ensure that your interest will be protected throughout the entirety of the case. The lawyers at Joseph N. Yamaner and Associates are highly skilled litigators who have years of courtroom experience. However, if an out-of-court negotiation is the best way in which to handle the dispute, the firm’s advocates can use their honed negotiation skills in order to reach an end agreement to the case.

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