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Probate Overview

Has Your Loved One Recently Passed?

Probate is not something to be feared — it is a process that millions of estates go through each year in the United States. At Joseph N. Yamaner and Associates, our attorneys are here to guide you through the process of probate and estate administration, explain its complexities and help you avoid any legal obstacles along the way. Should a dispute arise, however, we are confident we can address any legal issue in a quick, cost-efficient manner to reach a resolution. Our founding attorney, Joseph Yamaner, is a recognized lecturer and a member of the faculty of Lawline.com and as such he lectures on will contests.

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Steps In The Probate Process

Joseph N. Yamaner and Associates, we work closely with personal representatives and executors who are responsible for settling a person’s affairs. This includes going through the probate process and performing administrative duties according to a person’s will. The steps in this process include:

  • Locating all estate planning documents, including wills, burial instructions, trust documents and more
  • Opening the probate process with the probate court
  • Locating all assets, including those residing in another state
  • Valuing the assets in the estate
  • Examining kinship
  • Paying final taxes and other financial obligations, including estate expenses
  • Transferring assets to beneficiaries and charities (if applicable)
  • Formally closing the probate process
  • 1404 Will Contests

Some probate cases are straightforward, but most are not. Personal representatives often run into difficulties with taxes, understanding the law or the process itself. We will make sure that you understand each of your roles and responsibilities as executor, and we will help you perform each duty as we go through the probate court process.

An Example Of The Firm’s Dedication

Attorney Yamaner was an integral part of one of the largest and longest struggles to regain Jewish property that was taken by the Nazis in World War II. With the assistance of attorney Tali Sehati, he successfully located heirs around the world who produced critical documentation to further the cause. The case took more than a decade and resulted in a German court granting restitution that continues to this day.

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