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Representing Aunts, Uncles And Cousins In Kinship Proceedings

When someone dies without a will and he or she has no immediate relatives, distant relatives including aunts, uncles and cousins may be named beneficiaries.

But the process is not automatic. And proving a familial relationship can be difficult.

The law office of Joseph N. Yamaner and Associates serves the Forest Hills area and other New York communities. We represent aunts, uncles and cousins in New York kinship proceedings. To schedule a, please call the law firm at 800-625-1927.

What Are Kinship Cousins?

When an individual dies without a will, and he or she has no immediate family members, the aunts, uncles and cousins may be the beneficiaries. This situation is known as a "kinship" case.

While aunts, uncles and cousins can inherit money, they cannot administer the estate of the deceased. Rather, this task is taken on by the county public administrator. This individual administers the whole estate, determining not only how inheritance will be divided, but also how outstanding bills will be paid, how the deceased's house will be sold, among other things.

Aunts, uncles and cousins must prove their kinship in order to claim inheritance. This is done through a kinship proceeding.

Kinship Proceedings: How We Can Help

The attorneys at Joseph N. Yamaner and Associates can represent you during kinship proceedings, taking the necessary steps to help you prove your relationship and proceed in seeking your inheritance.

Proving these relationships is more difficult than it may seem. It is necessary to prove that the deceased did not have a spouse, children, parents, siblings, etc.

We can help you through every step, answering your questions along the way.

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